The Oswestry Cat Nanny (Megan)

Most cats are territorial and many prefer to stay at home while their humans are away for work or on holiday rather than being taken to a cattery or friends’ houses.

I provide a cat sitting service in Oswestry and other SY11 areas. I will visit your cat while you are away to put out fresh food and water at meal times, to keep litter trays clean and make sure your cat is not lonely while you are away from home.

In short, I am a cat nanny for Oswestry and other SY11 post codes.

I can also make sure your plants are watered, your house shows signs of activity, your mail is not left to pile up and buy in fresh milk or put on the heating for your return.

Trustworthy & Local  

I understand that letting a stranger into your house can be a daunting prospect for humans and cats alike which is why I prefer to build up a small client base – big enough to pay the rent but small enough to develop relationships with our feline friends. I am  not an agency that sends different people to your home each time.

I live locally (Castle Street) and will provide proof of my address so my clients know exactly where they can always find me on the telephone, by text or in person.

I am insured with PetPlan Pet Sitters Insurance and will provide a DBS check certificate on request.

pet sitting services oswestry

A Cost Effective Option

My standard cat sitting service includes care for up to 2 cats (or 1 cat and 1 other household pet e.g. guinea pig, hamster, goldfish etc) making it a perfect cost effective option for families with more than one pet. I hold a Level 3 Advanced Technical Diploma in Animal Management certificate so I can also care for some other small animals instead of additional cats for the same price, depending on the type of animal and the daily care schedule.

More Animals I Can Provide Pop-In Holiday Care For Around Oswestry (Separate To My Cat Sitting Services)

Where possible (if I can look after your pets properly in the same time frame), my pet sitting service is priced the same as my cat sitting service and animals that do not need handling or individual attention (fish, aviary birds) are classed as one pet if the work involved is not proportionate to the number of animals.

I am happy to look after most pets including small mammals (including gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, mice, rats), birds (including aviaries, pigeons and poultry), fish (including cold water or warm water, in tanks or ponds), reptiles (including lizards, dragons, iguanas and turtles or terrapins) and amphibians (including frogs and newts ) but I am sorry I cannot look after pets that are classed as poisonous or dangerous due to insurance restrictions.

To find out if I cover your area and discuss your holiday care needs, please call Megan on 07 56 58 56 701 or send me a message using the form on my Contact Us page.