My Code of Practice & CV

The health, happiness and safety of any animal in my charge is my main priority. I will do my very best to ensure all their needs are met whilst in my care. To do that I will:

  • Put animal care ahead of any other business consideration. 
  • Respect my clients’ privacy and honour the trust they show in me.
  • Act professionally and provide the highest standard of service at all times.

I will only accept work I am confident I can undertake. I am trained in animal handling (pls see qualifications below) but for the sake of the animals, in all cases I would expect to be shown how to perform the tasks involved to ensure the cats and/or other animals in my care are treated the way they are used to and can benefit from a continued and familiar routine.


Animal Care Related Experience & Qualifications

I have been a cat owner (19 year old Rosie, pictured above) for the last three years (we rescued her when her owners moved abroad and were not allowed to take her with them due to her age) and I have grown up amongst dogs (Bessie, Sebastian, Ursula & Daisey) with a share in responsibility for their care all my life.

I am a proud animal lover and I believe I have a natural affinity with them – I enjoy their company and they usually seem to enjoy mine.

I also hold a Level 3 Advanced Technical Diploma in Animal Management gained at Coleg Cambria (Northup) over 2 years.

Study for the qualification included a wide range of animal related subjects over two years, including animal biology, behaviour, animal welfare and breed development, ecology, anatomy & physiology, nutrition, wildlife, dog grooming, exotics, zoo animal husbandry and more.

Practical sessions were held in an Animal Care facility and Rare Breeds Centre where all aspects of animal health, feeding and accommodation were practiced with our wide range of exotic and farm species (over 100 species) including marmosets, chinchillas, ferrets, bearded dragons, boas, axolotl, aquarium fish, parakeets and other birds, and rare Welsh farm breeds.

To see more details of what the course taught me, please see here.


Other Experience & References

I have recently returned to the area after working in retail (Go Outdoors) and hospitality (Harvester Chain) in Bournemouth. Both employers required in-depth knowledge of the products being sold and all roles involved responsibility and trust including company representation, money handling, opening up/closing down premises and supervisory duties (including staff training and ensuring the safety of people using climbing wall equipment).

I pride myself on my reliability and conscientious approach to all work and can provide references upon request.


For an informal discussion about requirements and availability please phone Megan on 07 56 58 56 701 or use the contact form to request a call back.

If you have spoken to Megan and agreed a booking, please submit your cat’s details and care info here.